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:hello: My computer seems to hum the warmer it gets. And it can get pretty loud. Could this be a problem with a fan. Do I need to buy a fan? Which one? I have cleaned the inside of the computer, but still noisy.
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  1. Could be a fan, but a normal fan noise is not an issue. Lister to where the noise is coming from. If it's a power supply fan, may not be a good idea to replace it yourself. Any other fan, the type depends on what fan and what size it is.
  2. I believe it is the fan in the box that goes to the outside of the tower. Can this be replaced easy? Does it have to be a certain size and how do I find out what the size is?
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    Depending on the fan, it shouldn't be difficult. Most fans come in standard sizes, usually 80mm or 120mm. It's usually just a few screws and a small 3 or 4 pin wire lead that attaches to the motherboard. Just open the case and take a peek.

    Unfortunately, if that's the only fan to the outside of the tower, it's most likely the power supply fan, in which case it's safer to just change out the power supply.
  4. Use a small plastic straw to stop the fan blades to determine which fan it is. DO NOT use something hard that can break the fan blades or you will bw replaceing it.
  5. I want to thank all that have given me their advice. I took the cpu fan out and blew out the back of it and now the computer makes no noise at all. Thanks Again
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