Well, I have this motherboard
and I want to buy this CPU

What I dont get is that they are all based on a LGA775 Socket but do they support each other? I mean, AMD is so simple. AM3 supports AM2+, blah blah blah, but Intel uses different sockets and its confusing :pt1cable:
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  1. From your posted Foxconn link:
    "Intel® Pentium® 4 processors, Socket T (LGA775)"

    It looks like it may NOT support dual-core processors. If that is the case then that CPU will not work. You should check the mobo manual to be sure. I tried the download link on the Foxconn page, but the .zip file seems to be corrupt.
  2. No, that board does not support that CPU. Take a look at the CPU support list
  3. It only supports older Netburst CPUs. It doesn't even support the dual core Netburst chips.
  4. Okay thanks =]
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