Hi i have a GA-MA770 DS3 Rev1 Gigabyte motherboard and just flashed the BIOS with that QFLASH BIOS Utility... Its the most recent BIOS version and i downloaded it from the Gigabyte website.. the Flash went well, but when i turned on the computer after completion and entered into the new BIOS, none of the bios settings work in the submenus! They are just greyed out!. The only option available to change is the boot priority.. The website said the new bios version was "beta" but cmon it cant be that bad that i cant even change settings eh?. The new bios version i just updated to is called "MA770DS3.F8f" and heres the link to where i got it from:
I downloaded the newest Bios version there.
Help me out? any suggestions? or do i have to reflash back to an older version and risk destroying my motherboard, cause i hate flashing.
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  1. Don't worry, the Gigabyte mobos have backup BIOS. Revert.
  2. Why did you update, what feature or new CPU did you upgrade to that required the BIOS update? You do know that updating for no reason other than there is a new one is not always a good thing to do. You only update if you NEED to, because the new BIOS has a fix for a problem you are having.
    I would do exactly that, flash back to the BIOS you had if there was nothing wrong with it.
  3. yea i understand that updating BIOS for no reason is stupid and i try my hardest to avoid it as i know that it can permanently ruin a motherboard.. My reason for updating was because my SATA Harddrives were acting weird with Windows 7, really slow, and i know it wasnt a PIO issue.. Someone in a forum suggested to another person with the same problem to update bios, and on the Gigabyte website the newest BIOS did say something about harddrive windows 7 support... ANYWAY, i ended up downloading the 2nd newest BIOS version from the Gigabyte website and went over the beta version.. I once again have all settings available and strangely enough i dont have any hard drive problems with Windows 7 64bit anymore :). Its going like a charm!!!
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