Could anybody help me?

I gave the same problem as many people, with all respect I would like to asx you to help me to find the driver for my web cam. The only tag I have is that it is mark on it "GT USA Quality". I appreciate your help.
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  1. A little more information, would be helpful
  2. Sorry.

    It is all I have. i think is impossible thne.

    Even way, thanks.
  3. try entering the information you have in a search engine like google.

    thats how i find drivers i need sometimes

    I hope this helps :]
  4. Hi.

    I didi but I found nothing, I do not what to do.

    Thanks for your advise
  5. do you have any discs with your webcam?
  6. NO , i don not.
  7. Sorry , but I want to give up my search. Could you tell me what I can say to not recive mails anymore from tom`s harware forums. Please do not misunderstad, I am very grateful with you and the forum.
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