Noisy PSU

I have this PSU (OCZ GameXStream 850W):

First bought a 750W OCZ when i built my rig. That was loud, so I RMA'ed it and got an 800W. That worked fine til it died. RMA'ed that and got the 850W. Now this one is great except for the noise. I have unplugged all other fans and narrowed it down to the PSU making all the damn noise. I don't even think its the PSU fan, but the PSU itself if that is possible. Is this just something inherently wrong/bad design of the PSU, or is there anything I can try to resolve the issue.

I don't want to RMA again and I don't have the cash to get a new PSU, which would be stupid just because of a noise issue.

I can hear the high pitched noise it makes all the way downstairs and its most definitely since the installation of the new PSU.
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  1. Sounds like a whiney fan,can you hear it right at the back of your case ??,,does the noise stop when you momentarily stop the fan ??..
    Other than the fan there are no moving parts in a psu [but you already know that,eh :)]
    So,,,if it is not the fan then something is really out of whack,maybe you should deal with OCZ directly,I have a StealthXStream 600 and it is very quiet...:)
  2. When you say I should stop the fan, how do I go about doing that? It is a high pitched whining noise.
  3. hmm...

    this one should'nt make noise at all.
    its a very costly.

    are you sure the noise is from you psu?
    even my cpu made a lot of noise but it was due to my processor fan!

    get a coolmaster next time lol
  4. Yah I am sure it is the PSU since this sound didnt begin until I put this PSU in. The old one was way quieter.
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