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Hi since last week i am getting cyclic redundancy check error when i download some file on utorrent.when i visited utorrent site for FAQ I found (This is an error reported by your hard drive. It means that your HDD was unable to read or write the data because it is starting to fail. Solving this is beyond the scope of this FAQ.
Otherwise my harddisk is working fine please tell me how to solve this issue.
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  1. CRC errors are usually non-recoverable. As stated, the drive is starting to fail. Backup the drive and restore it to a new drive.
  2. It is not uncommon to get CRC errors on files downloaded on torrents, there may be nothing wrong with your hardware. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to test your hardware anyway even though I think that there is nothing wrong with it. To test your hard drive go to the manufactures of your hard drive web site and download their diagnostic software and to test your memory download a memory test program such as memtest86 and run overnight. If both of these tests pass then there is nothing wrong with your computer but it is the torrent that is corrupted.
    You may also get the CRC error if your hard drive has become full.
  3. Torrents shouldn't get CRC errors. If so, the piece of data is downloaded again until it gets a non-corrupt version of the data. This is the nature of the protocol. If the original file is corrupt, then the torrented download will also be corrupt, but if the source file is good, the copies should be good. Basically the protcol guarantees you have a 100% identical copy, good or bad.

    The peer creates a hash for each piece, using the SHA-1 hash function, and records it in the torrent file. Pieces with sizes greater than 512 kB will reduce the size of a torrent file for a very large payload, but is claimed to reduce the efficiency of the protocol.[10] When another peer later receives a particular piece, the hash of the piece is compared to the recorded hash to test that the piece is error-free.

    CRC errors on the physical drive is a sign that the drive is on it's way out.
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