12 inch wafer price

Can anyone tell me the average industry price for a 12inch wafer ready to be cut as die. that means fully processed wafer
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    What do you mean? Silicone wafer for a CPU, or any other hardware?

    he said to be cut for a DIE, so it has to be cpu or gpu..

    to op: google it.

    and, if you want to know the prime cost of a cpu, nah, a cpu cost a lot more that that piece of wafer, and it can't be measured by the price of the wafer. if it's that simple. i7 975 would be selling for $5 a piece.
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    Hey jkrisnanv...google it! Don't wate your time on these guys! Including me...get instant results


    A ha, we got same suggestion
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    Yeah...I like your idea! Listen, this guy IS wasting HIS TIME. He needs to do research like the rest of us here...not to say hate to the guy...but words of encouragement for him. As a newcomer, you always expect the "pros" to handle everything for you.

    Tom's Hardware: Over 1.4 million members in 6 different countries available to answer all your high-tech questions. Sign up now! Its free!

    i can't say this is not alittle bit of a exaggeration.....
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