Where can I find a computer video card; reasonable?

Hello I have a HP Windows XP I've lost my picture all together, Message on screen says,"no signal" screen is black. We're thinking we need a video card. Would a video card fix the problem? I'd like to get my information off; at least. And use the conputer also, if possible. What do you reccomend? \Asked by Barbra Thanks
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  1. Barbara I can help you with this problem. But I need to know if your computer is a PC (Desktop) or a laptop. The reason is if you have a PC then parts are quite easy to find and replace. If you have a laptop however, then these units are very difficult to repair.

    So send me info on your type of computer or get someone to help you to identify what type of computer system you have.
    Once I have this info then I can help you to make an intelligent choice of what type of video card you will need.

    Thanks, and hope to help you resolve this problem quickly.
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