Slow download speed while the rest of the pc\'s are working fine

My personal pc behind a server fire wall has slow download speed while the rest of the pc\'s are working fine?
I have swapped out the network cable, changed out the NIC, changed the DNS, logged in under a different profile, reset the TCP stack, flushed DNS, changed QoS settings, change ports on the router and looked through the network card configuration. All of which did not result in higher speeds.
Any suggestions?
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  1. So the other PCs in the same setup are getting proper speeds?

    Have you tried a linux based boot disc just to see if the speeds are being limited by the OS due to infection or other malware?

    Try the tried and true toms Malware removal guide
  2. Yes I have run the Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and the CCleaner to no avail
  3. This issue has been resolved for some reason my Windows XP Pro was corrupted and had to re-install to fix the issue.

    Thank you wanamingo for your help!
  4. The more updates you load, the slower it will go...
    The more "free" programs you install, the more slow it will go.
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