PC temp problem?.. Instant 20-30c jump??

Hey guys came int a little issue... Trying to stress test/stability etc my CPU and I cant it seems... Probe II gives me idle temp of 30-32c, other programs around 40ish. Problem is.. literally as soon as I hit the stress test button my temp "Instantly" jumps 20-30c... Is that even possible or am I having a error here or what?... Any help would be cool... really not fond of high temps lol..

This goes both ways btw. Soon as I hit stop on the test it drops instantly back to 40...
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  1. Still trying to find more insight on this..

    I5-2500k Trying to hit 5ghz, under 1.5 vcore. Chips handling it well, except this issue..
    GTX 680
    Asus P8z68 v-Pro
    16gigs Ram
    120GB SSD

    Cant figure out the problem and cant really stability test it for sure till I know. They seem like errors to me, although I'm not sure..

    I do have C1,c3,c6 disabled in bios currently if that may contribute.
  2. How exactly are you cooling what you are attempting, because it takes some serious cooling to get the 2500K to 5.0ghz.

    If you are air cooling you can forget 5.0ghz with any kind of 24/7 stability.

    Temperature instantly increasing when a stress test is started is normal.
  3. You can easily expect a load on your CPU to spike from say, 25C at idle to over 50C. I even see this with full watercooling. You have to remember that these are temps reported by the CPU temp probes and fluctuate instantly based on the exact amount of workload taking place. They should also immediately drop off when you revert to idle, as well.
  4. I'd expect temps like that with the overclock you're attempting. Though I'll throw my hat in with 4ryan6 and say you're not going to get there on air. Getting to 5GHz isn't easy and will require some special cooling consideration.
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