RESOVLED: Mobo or PS Failure ??

Here's the short version of a long headache... Mobo is Biostar A760G M2+ w/ Athlon 64 CPU. OpSys is WinXP. System was working fine, then started to be REALLY slow and periodically freeze or shutdown. Now it will not boot (can't even get to CMOS) and no power to the DVD drives. (SATA hard drive & IDE DVDs) Determined it is NOT a harddrive problem Power does get through switch and fans and hardrive spin up. I did the paper clip things a one pin combination did power up the drives. But, when plugged in to Mobo, DVD drives get no power. I've blown out and checked pins on all the connections and tried different IDE/SATA cables. Looking for any suggestions as to how to further test PS and MOBO to determine which needs replacing. Many Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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  1. To me it sounds like more likely to be a dead PSU than a motherboard.
  2. I'll rummage around for a compatible PS and give it a try. Certainly simpler than messing w/ mobo. Thanks.
  3. RESOLVED: Sure enough..... It was a faulty power supply.
    The paper clip test really doesn't provide sufficient info about what is going on.
    THANKS, lmeow !!!!!
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