Cooler master Cosmos 1000, able to put 2 120x2 radiator?

Hi guys, I have a Cooler master cosmos 1000 pc case ( I am about to go water cooling. I know that I can put a 120x2 radiator on the top of the case, but i think that 1 radiator wont be enough and I am thinking of putting another one in. However, I couldnt find any more space to put 1 more. Does anyone has any ideas? Is it nessary to mod my case?

Ps: I prefer to put everything inside.
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  1. To get another 2x120 it is necessary to mod your case, I will suggest some things.

    The first mod I would do to fit another 240mm radiator would be too take off the bottom plastic panel and put the radiator under there, you can either use the psu fan as one of the 120mm fans and drill another fan hole next to it for the other, if you do this the water holes will come up about where the bottom intake fan is now. Or you could fit two fans between the hdd bay and psu and have the rad on the bottom, I don't know if this will fit, I do know that the holes will come up in the hdd rack area requiring you to mod some more.

    Another suggestion is too put a 360 in the top and then a 120 on the bottom and or on the back, or whatever mixup you want (360 on top and 240 on bottom, 360 on top and bottom and if your really gutsy I think you might be able to fit a 480 on the bottom with a lot of modding)

    note: the holes in the pictures are not for rad mounts but for extra fans(maybe rads latter), so sizing might be different
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