Pentium 4 640 oc

I have an 8 year old pentium 4 640 processor that has 800 FSB and planning to upgrade my old one to this new one ASUS P5G41T M LX. Just wanted to know if I bought 1333mhz and overclock the new motherboard as it is required to run 1333 at full speed, am I suppose to overclock my pentium 4 processor??

I know you all are going to ask why use an 8 year old pentium 4 processor for? :lol: My old motherboard's ram slot is not working but the processor is still in a good shape and don't have the heart to throw it away.

this is my current processor:

my new motherboard:

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  1. Troll.... and no lol.
  2. and what do you mean by no??
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    ok here is a little about p4 i have a p4 540 and a p5g41t-mlx mobo but as for 1333 mhz p4 just cant utilize nor can push upto 800 mhz anything upto 800 mhz is an overkill for p4. not evenn the core 2 duo can go for 1333 mhz then how is it possible for a p4? no u dont need to overclock .. it wont do u any good. go to a core 2 duo or may be quad
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