is there any reason for the SATA HD being much cheaper then the PATA ones? SATA are bigger and faster then why are they cheaper?
Are they less reliable than the PATA ones, or built with cheaper materials?
I've just bought a WD SATA and it has some hardware issue, weird noise and WD diagnostic test said hardware failure. I'm gonna get it replaced but I'm a bit worried about the reliability.
Any explanations or ideas?
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  1. PATA is pretty much obsolete, so the sales volume on PATA drives these days is tiny compared to that of SATA. That's the primary reason for the differences in price. The actual drive mechanisms are basically identical, it's just a matter of different controller boards.
  2. PATA is old technology. It was designed in 1986. The maximum data transfer rate is 133MB/s.

    SATA was designed in 2003. The maximum data transfer rate of SATA 3 is 600MB/s.

    Most modern (2011) motherboards do not even have PATA connectors.
  3. Also, PATA uses old school connectors which are literally 3 times as big as S ATA connectors. That alone would give cost savings advantage to S ATA HDD's, since manufactureres usually create millions of drives, leading to a lower BOM (Bill of materials).
  4. Pata drives are produced differently, so the company needs to have that certain set of machines, taking up space for what would be the more efficient more widely used sata drives, so your pay a premium for the company needing to waste space in there warehouse (i think)
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    Once a technology is developed and the manufacturing process is matured so a large number can be produced quickly, it will cost cheaper, like sata HDD. However, for Pata, it is going obsolete so production volume is reduced, or (I am not certain) it is already out of production and we are using the stock stored in the warehouse. As product supply dries up in a market, that product will increase in price.

    Sata drives are not by any means less reliable than pata driver and no, they do not use cheaper material.
  6. Thank you very much to everyone.
  7. Thank you very much to everyone.
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