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Rad fans?

So I'm still in the process of getting all of my watercooling rig setup. I'm still waiting on the loop itself to arrive (should be tomorrow)
I'm wanting to get some decent fans though so some help would be appreciated.

I have very little choice in my country, and since fans are large and cheap, shipping them from USA like my other components is not economic.
I did order a couple yate loon 2250rpm fans with the loop, but im wanting to go push pull on my two 240mm rads, so need at least 8 decent matching fans.

Trying to find some good options without paying a tonne in my country is tough, but here are some of the options:

these are the fans I'm currently using in my case, and im thinking about just getting more. they are only 1300rpm and average CFM. but are INSANELY cheap. all other fans are at least 25 dollars. these are less than 7 dollars. They work well, but im not really sure how well they will perform.

these are the next cheaper option, and seem like a good choice. but a fair bit more money.

these are also not too expensive, and have LEDs, but i hear they have really bad static pressure.

the scythes are the more expensive option, and available inn multiple RPMs.

those are the main choices, and there are others. Now i'm mostly concerned with performance. I play with a headset, so noise isn't an issue so long as its not so loud it overpowers my gaming audio.

The main thing obviously is that the xilence fans are considerably cheaper. are the more expensive fans going to help that much? I would like some LED fans, but not at the cost of performance.

i know there are lots of fan threads already, but i have been googling and its very hard to find a direct comparison of the fans i have available to me. and i dont want to blow a few hundred bucks on fans that aren't absolutely the best choice.

any tips? Not necessarily needing a free ride, but when it comes to cfm, static pressure etc im really unsure.

Ill be using one rs240 and one rx240 rad.
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  1. Naturally I would try to find the fans with the highest flow rate and possible pressure. Those Scythe fans are crazy expensive even in us terms. The cheapest fans listen are crap. I got better cooling my gtx460, got two 80mm fans that are pulling around 60cfm each. The cooler master fans I would go for but I don't like it that much. The scythe fans appear to be half height 120mm fans so I am wondering do you have the room for full height?
  2. I didn't even realise the scythes were the slim version. I do have room for full size, so it surely rules them out.

    this is a tough choice.
  3. nothing beats the scythes. Other options are delta's, sanaces, panaflo. Bitfenix are advertising their pro series of fans appropriate for rads as well as case fans. Noctua on the other hand have launched the NF F-12 PWM with vortex flow, which is also advertised as a rad fan and high fpi count heatsinks.

    choices...honestly, they all have their cfm's posted on specs but none can beat the static pressure on them scythe GT AP series of fans. Get teh AP-15 and have them hooked to a fan controller to quiet them.

    just saw your fan selection. 3000rpm's would be loud but on a fan controller like rubix has, they'll be purring away.
    cooler master's arent a good choice as rad fans.
    noiseblockers can also be had as both case fan and rad fan.
  4. this is the problem though, none of the fans you just listed are available in my country, except for those scythes.

    But at 50 dollars a fan, will they really make that much difference?

    would the sickleflow fans be so much worse?
  5. mentioned the sickle's in above post

    checked out some of the sites you linked: - wouldn't be this pricey if it was crap(i also mean it on an international scale. I'll be getting 3 of these for my build)
  6. hmm, that's weird. When using a price comparison tool the noctuas didn't appear. it seems the site has way more available than appears on comparison sites...

    still though, we are talking 40 USD equivalent for the scythe fans.

    for that money I COULD pay the import cost and get form frozen CPU. it end sup being twice as much to ship as the actual cost of the fan, but still cheaper.

    The ones I really wanted are these

    from reviews they seem great. how do they compare to the scythe? (it seems they are very quiet and also have the LED option)

    buying 8 of those, and paying 100 USD to ship, still works out at 230 NZD. if i buy 8 of the scythe fans from here will cost me 400 NZD.

    just seems a ridiculous amount on fans. (heck, the water loop only cost slightly more than that not incl postage)

    thanks for all the help again though lutfij. you are my WC saviour.
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    :lol: your welcome mate

    like i said, the scythes reign supreme with static could get enermax fans. but really though LED is just for bling, nothing aesthetically functional about them.

    you could go with the blue aerocool fans ... but real watercoolers use fan controllers and a couple of scythes. or the higher spec'd/noisy fans and forget that they're there.

    BTW, i went awol with the fans so i know how you're feeling. In the end i landed the scythes and ditched the LED :)
  8. At the moment I cant get a fan controller as my case won't accommodate it. But I'll hopefully be picking up an nzxt switch 810 when they become available here, at which point a controller is a must.

    I've never bothered with LED or case lighting in the past, but now im doing this loop I feel inclined to use some lighting to show it off.

    I will take your advice and go with the scythe 1850s though. I've just checked frozen CPU and i can get them there for 250 NZD incl international postage of about 65 USD.

    Kind of insane how much cheaper it is to do that, but it seems the no brainer. shame i have to have it flown over really...
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  10. want to show off with lights, pick up a bitfenix alchemy lighting kit or maybe an NZXT LED kit.

    I will take your advice and go with the scythe 1850s though.
    was advised to get the same by other people seen mostly on the watercooling forums...some of whom haven't been seen for some time.

    thank you for the vote!
  11. Mine are Scythe Ultra Kaze's...2000 and 3000 rpm versions. Also 38mm width vs. 25mm of normal fans.
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