Overclocking 2500k and p8z68 v pro mobo?

whats the exact best settings with this cpu and mobo?
want to get it to around 4.2 stable would be happy. cooling isnt an issue im using h20 220 edge HD kit
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  1. It is really not that simple. every chip and every board is different, and there are no 'best settings'

    you need to read some guides, learn how it works and work slowly and carefully to increase your multi and not damage anything.

    in honesty, getting to 4.2 with that combo will be a piece of cake, but its never a good idea to just follow random instructions as overclocking IS a risky game.
  2. i thought as such. oh well looks like im gonna have to learn all the ***. just so many terms and variables!
    as far as i know (this is very rough) seems to me like a game of disabling the basic power saving settings, and slowly upping the multiplier and the voltage. how many variables are there really? voltage, multiplier and.....?
    i know not to go above 1.5 volts, so better to probably start about 1.25?
  3. Unless you are aiming for something really high, just start on the multiplier.

    raise it a step, boot into windows and test in on prime 95 for a while. if its fine, reboot and raise it again. You don't need to raise the voltage until you can't boot windows or get a prime crash. by which point you can just raise the voltage by the smallest increment to try to stabilize. My chip can hit 4.5 without any extra voltage, hence why i say you shoudl find this a piece of cake. though my chip also needs LOADS of extra voltage as soon as i start going over 4.5. it just depends on your chip, but don't raise the voltage more than you need to.
  4. yep, each chip is different so will need different settings.

    i started by keeping the voltage stock, and upped the multiplier to 40 (4GHz) to save a bit of time, as most 2500Ks can do this on stock voltage.
    i then just upped the multiplier by 1 and booted into windows, ran prime95 until it BSOD or threw up a error. once i did get an error, i up the voltage 1 step, for instance 1.35 to 1.36..... and repeat (raising multiplier and voltage until i find the temps get too hot (keep them below 75 Celsius)
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fxXB5iiVS0 <-- used this video as a guide to start, ended at 4.5Ghz Vcore 1.315 max temp 100%load 46*c using corsair h100.

    Edit- started with the guide at 1.350 vcore at 4.7Ghz max temp was 56*C, i did not feel comfortable with the vcore that high as i have heard of people burning the cpu at 1.40vcore. Settled with the 4.5Ghz overclock with the vcore at 1.315 as i noticed when lowering the vcore it was stable at 1.30 but was being supplied .012v over what i had set. Then bumped the core to 1.315 just to be safe.
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