Best "bang for your buck" videocard

i have an 8800GT in a
XFX 680I LT edition SLI Socket 775 Nvidia 8 channel audio ATX Motherboard
with an E8400,

looking to significantly upgrade the GFX card, for single card systems does the whole PCI Express 2.0 thing matter? and out of interest is my board 2.0?

but yea, any GFX card a fair bit better than the 8800 GT, under £200, and thats really good value for money

(i.e. in the sweet spot of price vs performance) i dont wanna get into the stupidly expensive for 5% more performance bracket but dont mind shelling out £200 for a truely awesome card
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  1. Even if your motherboard is only PCI-E 1.0 or 1.1, 2.0 cards are backwards compatible, and will be hampered in performance by only a very very small amount, especially in the price range you are interested in.

    I am not familiar with UK retailers or prices enough to suggest a specific card, to be honest, but ATI 4870 or GTS260 would probably be a good starting point in finding a big increase in performance.
  2. If you can find another 8800GT for about $60-70 USD on ebay (not sure what that would be in European currency), then go for another one of those and SLi them. (If you PSU can handle it)

    Two 8800GTs will give you the performance of a GTX285. If your PSU can't handle it, go with Jofa's suggestion for a 4870 or GTX260
  3. someone on another board said i shouldn't put an ATI card on a 680i

    is that true? and if so why?

    they also said i should get a DX11 card? (i know DX limits compatability and older cards can't support newer versions but how bad is it really?)

    i had a look at old 8800GTs but mine came factory overclocked and most of the cards on UK ebay are over £60 ($90) also i need a card to use in a secondary system so that'd be £30 if i dont replcae the 8800GT
  4. only reason not to get a ATI card on a nvidia chipset is like getting a Nvidia card on a AMD high end chipset because the Nvidia chipset only supports SLI while the high end AMD chipset only support Crossfire

    Basically it seems like a waste to have a mobo that can crossfire or SLI and have a card that can't

    Other then that there should be no problem.

    Easy way to ask if you should go for DX11 card.

    Do you have windows 7 or Vista

    if not then when will you?

    if it's not going to be soon like 6 months a year then why bother getting a card that supports it when your OS does not.
  5. well, i'd get windows 7 when i needed to, ie when a game needs DX11, thats not COD:MW2 but i guess it will be within the life of this gfx card (2-3 years)

    and the 5850 seems pretty damn sweet for £200 (how do the 5770 and 5870 compare? out of interest?)

    last one, ballpark howmuch better would a 5770 or 5850 be than the 8800GT? like 50% better, twice as good?

    edit: i've found a

    MSI Radeon HD 5850 Series 1GB GDDR5 PCI Express x16 (2.0v) Video Card Retail

    for £176

    edit 2: no stock on the MSI so

    Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 5850 / 1GB GDDR5 / PCI Express 2.0 / Graphics Card

    for £210 with shipping

    reckon thats a pretty safe bet? :)
  6. 5770 is a dx11 4870.

    8800GT < 9800GTX/GTS250 or 4850 < 4870 ~ 5770 or GTX260

    It's about 3 tiers above your current card.

    4870, 5770 ~ GTX260 < GTX275 ~ 4890 < GTX285 ~/< 5850

    5850 is about 5.5 tiers above your current card.
  7. buy another 8800gt. Should give performance as good as gtx 280. No need for dx11 now, just pick up a cheap 8800gt and squeeze the life out of your system till it just cant play.
  8. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but he can also SLI with a 9800gt as it is the same card as a 8800gt.
  9. I dont think so, the cars have different bioses and probably other little things that make it so you cant do it easily.
  10. Get a GTX 285 for 200 quid, less than that if the store can let you sell your old card on consignment.
  11. Radeon HD 5770 x2 as long as your motherboard supports it. I believe it can run as well as the 5870 for around $100-150 cheaper.
  12. I still think another 8800gt for now would be your best bet, for multiple reasons. Cheap (less than $80USD), 2 in SLi will outperform a gtx 280, 4870 and possible other cards in the category. down the road you can upgrade to dx11 if all your into is gaming.
  13. ya but he already has an 8800gt.
  14. Two 8800GTs is not roughly equal to GTX 280 performance. Two 8800GTX 512MB is about equal to GTX 280 (NOT a GTX 285). Two 8 or 9800GT is roughly equal to a GTX 260 216sp if they're both 1GB. If they're 512MB it's roughly equal to a 9800GX2 which is around a stock GTX 260 192sp (probably a bit lower). Adding another is a decent decision if they're both 1GB. If not, and they're 512MB, just get an HD 4870 or GTX 260 216sp.
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