First time build.

Well its my first time building a cpu from scratch so if you can provide any feedback on these components i would be very grateful. Also, the price range needs to stay below $1000. Thank you in advance.

1156 socket+crossfire+4GB ram.

HAF 932.

Samsung Spinpoint F3.

Saphire Radeon 5770.

750w Corsair.

For this, i am looking for reliability, so if anything here has a reputation for death and destruction please post. Also if i've done something moronic and combined two things that are incompatible, please post :)

Edit: Thank you for everything so far, i updated with as much of the advice as i could wrap my head around so far. If you guys see anything here that can come down in price on another site, let me know, the price tag is hovering just over $900, but i wouldn't complain about finding cheaper parts for it all :)

Edit: Found a combo deal that cut the price dramatically, the list has been updated. Now hovering just under $900.
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  1. Do not get a nForce board they are unstable and flaky, Get a Asus or Gigabyte. Get this HDD, much faster or there is a 1gb is you want

    Corsair PSU by far, dont even touch that Ultra.
  2. Consider Newegg also as some things can be found there for much less than Tiger.

    1. LGA775 IS DEAD. Don't build a PC around a dead socket.

    2. I highly recommend you looking in to a Phenom II or a LGA1156.

    3. You can get a 5750 for $20-25 more that will offer better performance. If you get a ATI card you'll still be able to CrossFire.

    4. Get a WD Black.

    5. Great case, imo for the stuff you have, I doubt you'll need such a large case. Have you considered an Antec 900?

    6. Stick with the 750TX esp. if planning to CrossFire/SLI down the road.
  3. Look at the HAF 922, its the same as the 932 but cheaper.

    That is a green (low power eco friendly) drive, not a performance drive. It also is 750GB which means it uses three slow 250GB platters. The new 500GB HDDs are using faster 500GB platters (like that nice samsung F3 linked above). If you must use WD get a Black 640 which has two faster 320GB platters.

    The 9800 GTX is at end of lifespan, stuck at DX10 and its a huge power hog/heat generator for the performance it gives. You should consider a comparable speed ATI 5750 with DX11 (which also uses tons less power) or at least get a much faster DX10 ATI 4870 for the same price.

    If you get a 5750 GPU you can get a smaller power supply since they only take a single PCIE power cable each. An antec earthwatts 650 or even Corsair TX550 should work fine.

    Your RAM will be dual channel. Use 2 sticks or 4 sticks. 3 sticks will slow your memory access down.
  4. Edit your post in this format, as it answers a lot of questions that we may have:

    I only used newegg, but you can use other sites if you can find the same parts for cheaper.
    Or if you can find better combos at newegg

    Here's an i5 750 build with new monitor

    30 dollar discount



    >Hard drive

    >Video Card


    >Optical Drive


    >Power Supply

    Total: $1,288.88 Before Rebate

    This build gives you the ability to crossfire/sli in the future if new games are more demanding. You could add in another graphics card, the power supply is decent and could handle 2 graphics card.
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