Help, PC freezes or restarts randomly.

Hello everyone, just registered since I'm now getting desperate.

Let me start by saying, I custom built this PC on a website, but it has since from the start been malfunctioning and I've been too lazy to do anything about it (stupid I know..)

So on to my issue. At any time when I launch my PC, it can either freeze or restart randomly without warning. It's mostly a random restart where I can sit and just look at my desktop and then poof, restart. And most of the time when I boot it up again it will ask if I want to run the setup for BIOS or run the default settings for it. So with that in mind I have a feeling it's a hard drive fault.

It doesn't happen when I'm doing anything in particular. I can be browsing facebook for all that matter and it will just randomly shut down and reboot. And then it happens maybe once or twice if I'm unlucky and then it stops. Understandably I'm getting very tired of this, but the issue I've had since I got my PC a little over a year ago, is that I have 8 gigs of RAM in it, but it's only using 3.99 gigs (Yes I do have 64-bit.)

I was hoping anybody would be able to assist with this issue, as I'm starting to get worried, and I would like to know if it's only a part of the computer I need to replace or if I should just save up for a new one.

My specs:

Operating System : Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

BIOS : BIOS Date: 01/03/11 14:00:53 Ver: 08.00.15

Processor : Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU 750 @ 2.67GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.7GHz

Memory : 8192MB RAM (Why does this not work? Available OS Memory : 4088MB RAM)

GFX Card : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 275

Motherboard : P7P55 LX

Hard drive : Hitachi HDP725050GLA360 ATA Device - 465 GB ( I have two of these, also note my hard drives are getting increadibly old and have suffered from a lot of hard resets and power outages. )
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  1. Hey, Zarob can u run Memtest or Windows memory diagnostics?
  2. Sure thing. I will run Windows memory diagnostics now, I'll report back with the results
  3. OK, search in start search box for "Windows memory diagnostics"

    And please check again for the version.
  4. I can assure you that it is a 64-bit system.

    And about memtest and Windows memory diagnostics.

    Windows memory diagnostics got to 0.1% on first try and it said there was a hardware problem, it then froze. I then tried again and this time it got to 24% and then froze again. Without getting any info once I booted the PC back up again. Each test got 10 minutes. So I tried Memtest, and it's been running for an hour now with no result.
  5. A quick update: I have now gotten my 8 GB ram to work, and I will probably just buy a new hard drive alltogether. I had one of my friends come over and take a look, and he'd recommend getting a new hard drive.

    I solved the RAM issue by, believe it or not, taking out the ram sticks and put them back in...
  6. That sometimes fix it. If u can afford it get SSD not the HDD, it will feel like if u would drop brand new corvette engine into the old car.

    Use HDD for storage only.

    Read about SSD's here, as it is bonanza of stuff concentrated to SSD.
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