Slow GTX 260?

Just got ahold of a New GTX 260 and it seems to me like its performance is lacking. I have a phenom 9600+, 4gb DDR-2 800 g-skill ram on a TA790GX a2+ motherboard. Anything among those components seem lacking or problematic? Oh, my psu is a Sigma shark 635W...<>

I feel like I should get more than 20 fps in Prototype maxed at 1920x1080 and more than 45fps in World of warcraft standing in Orgrimmar. I guess maybe I could have just over expected what this card is capable of, but my 8800GT keeps up with the stated FPS. So confused.
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  1. Frozeninreality said:
    phenom 9600+ Anything among those components seem lacking
  2. So you're saying I'm bottle necking?
  3. obviously.
  4. It shouldn't be a severe enough bottleneck so as to negate the upgrade from 8800gt > 260, but I have never owned one of those chips, so can't speak from experience. Mind you, they were slagged about pretty badly until the Phenom IIs came around.

    You may or may not see impressive yields from a PhII chip upgrade, as I understand the Phenom series (first ones) were horrible overclockers, making that a hard path for seeing improvement.
  5. I see. Im having a tough time figuring out which could be causing more issues...the chip or the ATI chipset on this board. I have a few options available...I can either Keep this board and pick up a Phenom II 810 from a friend (as far as I know this board will accept that chip) or trade my board+cpu for an asus m2n-sli mobo and a 6400+ 3.2Ghz dual core. I was looking over benchmarks from different people and someone with an intel core 2 duo, 2gb ddr2-800 and this gtx260 got around 19000 3dmarks...I ran 3dmark and scored a whopping
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    Don't replace your motherboard, it is very upgradable with the AM2+/Am3 slot. If you can try out the 810, do that before you spend any money. That may be all you need to unlock the performance close to your expectations. You "may" need to update the bios on the mobo if it isn't already, in order to properly see the 810, but it should boot anyway, even if you don't update the bios.
  7. Thanks alot JofaMang. One more thing. Is it likely the chip is holding back the card? I got a few sarcastic answers but nothing specific. I know I cant OC, but what about the chip (if it is causing it) thats interfering? The 2.3Ghz clock? Ask me about computers 4 years ago and Id have an answer for almost the way things are...guess I should go get some books lol
  8. The CPU is most likely what is holding your system back. The Phenom series were not well recieved, and glad to be buried. The Phenom IIs have made up for it. You'll know for sure if even the lowest budget PhII quad (still a great chip :D) can boost your performance, and it very well should, heh. Report back on your findings!
  9. the phenom 1 should've been illegal
  10. obsidian86 said:
    the phenom 1 should've been illegal

    You sir, made me spit my coffee on my keyboard. I'll be back later. Thanks, dick ;)
  11. Very good guys. Looks like Ill have the chip ready for testing tomorrow morning. Again, thanks for the help and Ill let you know what happens.
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