Core voltage increase? GOOD OR BAD?

I noticed in my bios the other day that I have an option to change Vcore voltage allthough I have no option to overclock cpu. Could I increase the core voltage for better performance or just leave it be. Increments are 75mv to 150mv. Just wondering why I can't overclock yet still be able to change vcore.

m17rx2 i7 740qm 8gb 1333mhz ddr3 a10 bios.
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  1. It seems to me like you don't now anything about overclocking. Increasing the Voltages can only drop your performance...they are just for keeping higher frequencies! You would wanna try undervolt your voltages instead of increasing. Thats gonna be good for your sistem but you'll have to do stress tests after each step down, better read some more, before you try to play with the voltages!
    Good Luck!
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    Changing the vcore without changing the clock speed will net you no positive results (well yeah unless you lower it possibly) but best to just let it be is my opinion

    Turning up vcore on a stable system only increases heat which you don't want, especially on a laptop
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