Intel DH57JG constantly restarting. Bad Intel hd graphics?

I have the newish mini itx formfactor Intel board; which I am using for a htpc. I get constant reboots, restarts, etc. The culprit is the "Intel HD Graphics" driver. The reason I know is because my system is rock solid if I disable this particular driver in device manager.

I have the newest driver for this as well as the newest bios. This is the 2nd motherboard (i returned the other one) and the 2nd power supply I have tested this system with. Short of using a video card instead of onboard graphics, what can I do?

I have a feeling that because this board is so new, that the drivers might not be completely stable for Windows 7 64 bit yet. Also, I have ran the system open with max fans just to make sure it is not a heat issue.
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  1. Update: If anyone was interested, this was happening because the video portion of the cpu was faulty. At least thats what the guy from intel told me. I got a new processor in and it's been great.
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