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I have a Dell Inspiron 9400 laptop with a t2400 core duo cpu and want to upgrade to a faster CPU. What are my options? Thanks!
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  1. These are your options.

    1) Get a new Laptop.

    2) take your laptop apart, find the model number somewhere on the motherboard, (ok maybe you could just research the service number somewhere on the bottom to find that out, but you still have to take it appart) somehow find the technician manual that will tell you just what CPUs that board revision will accept, find out if you need to upgrade the cooling assembly in order to accept your chosen CPU, put the whole thing back together.
  2. OK, thanks. I will see if I can locate the manual.
  3. IF your chipset, BIOS and cooling solution are able to support it and you are able to locate one, the fastest Socket M CPU is the 2.33Ghz T7600.

    IMHO, it is not worth the trouble to attempt an upgrade.
    Save a little more and get a new laptop.
  4. IMHO it's not worth it either.
  5. It looks like the fasted chip that they put in your computer is a T2600. That is not much faster than the chip you have. If you try to put a faster chip in I can almost guarantee that it will over heat because the cooling system is made for something that makes less heat. If you try to put in a better cooling system it most likely will not fit without heavy modification to the case. I don’t believe it will be worth it in the long run if you go that route. Laptop parts are expensive and if you have not worked on a computer before it can be a little much to fully take apart one. Sorry of the bad news but you will be better off buying a new laptop.
  6. New laptop BUB! Tried a 7600 in one not too long ago it worked but fried the cpu from heat issues! Damn that was a mad customer!!!!!!!

    EDIT: ACtually the wrong laptop it will not work with a T7600 as stated above the T2600 is the top proc for your lappy!
  7. Thanks all for your ideas, suggestion and opinions. I appreciate it that everyone took the time to respond.

    This is my daughter's laptop that I wanted to speed up IFF it was a cheap and easy thing to do. I doubled the RAM very cheaply (which has helped a lot) and was hoping to do the same with the cpu. My daughter has taken very good care of the laptop and it looks brand new and it has a nice 17" screen. The speed for most of her applications isn't bad enough to require a new laptop...yet.

    thanks again!
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