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Hey All...

I recently bought a Gateway FX6800-01, and even though Gateway's site has never shown Windows XP support for this machine, I was SURE I could just search the web and find the drivers I needed...

Alas, the search has not been totally successful.

Now, before I get all of the flack due to me for trying to install this jurassic OS on a relatively new computer, let it be known that I need XP for several of the apps that I use for work.

This is where I am:
After changing the SATA settings in the bios to be in IDE mode, I finally tricked the computer into letting me install XP.
I found online all of the relevant drivers (I think!), but they won't install.
For example, the Intel drivers for the motherboard and SATA aren't just standalone drivers, but executables. And when I try to run them, it just gives me an error message saying that this hardware doesn't support these drivers, but I know they do...



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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Upgrade to Win 7 Pro or ultimate and run the applications that u need in XP mode.
  2. Thanks SAINT19.

    When I got this computer initially, that was my plan...upgrade the OS and just run the legacy stuff in XP mode, but I've since checked into it, and not all of my apps will run in XP mode in Windows 7.

    It seems like all of the x58 components on the motherboard are pretty standard. I just can't get the stupid upgrade app from Intel to run! If I could get the drivers in standalone form, it SEEMS like I could just point the Device Manager toward them and gitter dun...

    Any ideas??

    Thanks again.

  3. Hi again.

    U can try with Everest and Driver detective, both Everest and Driver detective are good programs to recognize the component of ur rig and give to u the manufacturer or the component, the driver that u need and the driver version that u need. Sometimes also give to u the link for donwload the driver.
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