Need a System Builder In China or HK - Need a High End Gaming Rig

Hello everyone!

So in the next few months I will be building a high end gaming/workstation system. The only problem is that I am currently living in China! So if I build this myself, and any of the parts are faulty, then I am stuck paying the expensive shipping fees thus loosing any value I saved building this system myself.

This leads me to believe that it is probably much wiser to pay someone to assemble these parts for me (even though I really want to do it myself) and not have to deal with the possibility of having to return faulty products. Last system I built in America had 2 faulty MB. And it seems that many X58 MB'S are being RMA'ed. So I am just trying to find the safest way to build this system. If anyone has ever encountered the same issue please share your thoughts with me!

I think what I need to do is to find a dependable system builder in China or Hong Kong that will 1) Not cheat me 2) Has a good reputation and 3) will back up his work is something is wrong. If anyone knows of anyone who fits this profile please hook me up with their contact info. I would be willing to pay 200 $USD for someone to build this system and fully test it using all the components that I select (assuming he does not charge anymore for the components than Newegg) I have not built a system in like 10 years! So please if you have any advice let me know!

Or, if anyone knows of a local place near ShenZhen China that I could go to locally to buy the parts that would work also. Or even an online retailer in China would work. I am not Chinese so it may be a little difficult for me to accomplish this in China. Plus they mark up all the prices in China!

My budget is around $2500 USD and already know which parts I would like. The following is what I am looking at.

Asus P6T Deluxe V2

Corsair Core i7 XMS3 12GB PC12800 DDR3

i7Core 290

GTX 295 (Unless something better comes out when I am ready to buy)

Cooler Master Storm Sniper Black With 1000 Watt PSU

These are the basic components. I have yet to decide on the rest. I will use this for HD video editing and some gaming also.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!
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  1. Which city are you in? Edit: oops never mind you're in shenzhen

    You do know that there are a lot of computer markets there, they have a lot of brands that you could select. The thing is you don't know much about them, they are cheap and a lot of people buy I suggest to go to the local market first.

    ask a chinese friend to go to the local computer place with you and then look at the prices (there's cheap stuff; the chinese brands), a friend that knows computer hardware stuff in china....and knows how to bargain
  2. Can you edit your post in this format, as it answers a lot of questions that we may have:
  3. Ok, I am at work now, when I go home I will do that. Thank you very much!
  4. Just did a google search.

    Ever heard of SEG Electronics market in Shenzhen?

    Maybe go there..
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