Microsoft UAA Bus driver for High Definition Audio

plzzzzzzzzzzzzz give me
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  1. mrfatbox said:


    I have the same problem.

    I downloaded & did an Install of that File name: sp33867.exe [1/1, 54.26M]
    It did not help the Wizard can't find: hdaudbus.sys

    Manually I gave the Wizard the location: C:\SWSetup\SP33867/disk1

    The Wizard had this location for the cab: C:\WINDOWS\Driver Cache

    I'm ready to do a clean install of my OS to get rid of the message for a: UAA Bus Driver for the HD Audio needed.

    Please give me a step by step how to do this install. I tried everything I know which is very little.

    Note: I have Windows XP Pro service pack3

    Thank you...Jim
  2. Hi,

    GO here for the fix it worked for me:
  3. This DRIVER has completely messed up my machine. I had to restore the original
    sound driver. It should look for SYSTEM compatibility before installing
    itself on one's system <a href="">pci device audio</a>. Just a ridiculous waiver on their site is not sufficient nor
    very professional.
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