Which CPU fans are the quietest even at mid-high RPM?

I have Hyper 212+ and it's pretty loud for my taste. I read that Noctua fans are very quiet but they are very expensive.

Can I just swap out the Hyper 212+ fan with a quiet 120mm one? If that's possible, which fans are the quietest?

Can I just swap out the stock fan with Noctua NF-P12?
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    One of the best web sites for quiet computing is .

    Here is a link to their recommended fan list:

    Yes, you can easily swap out the stock fan for any one you want.
    But, most of the noise from fans comes because they are operating at a higher rpm than you need.
    And, yes, noctua makes some of the best. They also come with low and ultra low speed adapters.

    If you undervolt the fan, or use something like a cheap zalman fanmate controller, it will be quieter at the price of airflow cooling.
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