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Dear forum users, can someone help with my problem,
I spilt a cup of tea on my dell 1545 laptop keyboard. not a lot but enough to make the keypad sticky. Three days later the pad became sticky, and then the letter K and L would come up together, and the letter o and i. These were keys next to each other so I figured I would change the keypad.
Orderered one, fitted it today, and it was sticky underneath the keypad, so the new one felt clean and sharp.
Now the problem, the keys still come up together, the i sticks with o and the k with the l.
now it is not the keypad does this mean i have damaged a chip or some internal component ?
Help please ? Or is it drastic and my computer is not repairable. It is fine in every other way, I dont understand how a new keypad is enabling the same four keys to appear together when pushing only one key down.
all suggestions appreciated as it is such an expensive mistake I wish to prevent.
cheers jennifer
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  1. ps with an external keyboard into the laptop the keys are fine. cheers jennifer
  2. thats a really odd problem. you could download keyboard mapping software which will fix the problem if it is a software issue but most likely it is a hardware issue with your motherboard.
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    Try cleaning the PCB beneath the keyboard first before installing the new one. There still might be some residue left from the spilled tea.
  4. thanks for the advice.
    well i cleaned what i could under keyboard. not much to clean, a few tiny sticky bits, but nothing I could see, and I am not experienced enough to get into the motherboard.
    I rang the local computer shop today, and told them i changed the keyboard, and the iu and kl buttons still come on together and they were very surprised. they said the answer was to change the keyboard. I did.
    seeing as it works with a usb keyboard they said weird.
    so for $99 they will look at it for me. worth it ? or is it time to replace ? shame as its only 6 months old. dell 1545 laptop.
    my own fault. i paid them $99 last year for a different problem and they said needs a new motherboard dont bother.
    any last suggestions ?
    thanks again for all the advice tips.
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