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I have a Biostar TA785GE 128M motherboard. I bought it brand new and I remember the first few times I used it it didnt give me any problems. But now when I turn my PC on it makes a low beep and it says "CMOS Battery low" and "System date/timre not set" or something like that, I can still boot into windows by pressing f2, it says "press f2 to load defaults and continue", also about 30% of the times my PC would show no signal on the screen, When that happens I have to power it off and then back on for it to work.However when I can go into windows I can do everything normally, I can even game with no problem for HOURS and I get no problems. The only problem is when I power it on, Anyone know how I can fix this CMOS problem ? Is my mobo defected ? Thanks
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  1. Try replacing the motherboard battery, which is what I'd think CMOS Battery low would mean.
  2. Hi.

    Like Lmeow says, the problem is the battery of ur mobo. Buy a new one, replace the current battery and ur problem will be solved.

    Check ur current battery to know the reference of the battery that u need to buy, usually is CR2032.
  3. Guys I did exactly that, Still same error. Guess I have a bad mobo right ? Or are there any other things I
  4. What i really want is to just save my bios settings, my bios settings arent saving i could care less about the cmos low battery, ill keep on using the board this way until it dies. Is there anyway i can save my bios settings onto a usb drive or something ? is so how.
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