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Recently I've been trying to get a system to work with 3 Hard drives on a JMB363 of an X58 the solo drive would be the boot drive and the two additional drives would be setup in a RAID 0 for games and file storage. I've been able to setup up the RAID but I'm never able to load windows as 3-4 seconds into the load I get a split second blue screen and the system reboots. I can remove the drives from the raid and boot into windows and have the system recognize all 3 drives separately but no matter what options I fiddle with in BIOS I simply cant my preferred setup to work so I'm really hoping someone here has some suggestion as to how to get this to work.
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  1. I know this works on Intel chipsets.
    Disconnect all drives except the Drive you want to install windows on.
    Set controller to Raid, install windows. NOTE: you may need to use the Jmicron F6 raid driver. If so select custom install, check box "have driver" and when asked broose to the thumbdrive that you put the jmicron F6 driver on
    When installation is complete. the reconnect the HDDs you want to setup as a raid0 array.
  2. Thank you I was afraid it would take something like that I was kind of hoping to avoid doing a reinstall but I doubt I'll find a workaround.
  3. You can normally switch a boot drive from ide to ahci with out doing a re-install, but going from IDE/AHCI to raid normally requires a re-install.
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