Do I push for more with this 560Ti Hawk?

Hello TH,

Recently I have tried overclocking my video card. It is a GTX 560 Ti Hawk which comes stock @ 950/2100. However, I have been playing Skyrim and thought a little more FPS might be welcoming, especially if free.

So I downloaded Afterburner, and use the Unigine Dx11 benchmark with 4xaa and 16xaf as my only benchmark. The sad part is anything above 1025 core / 2175 mem @ 1.050V and the benchmark doesn't even make one pass and CTDs. So that is my most stable overclock. But I read around and some people have been able to achieve 2300-2400 memory overclocks, whereas my memory won't even hit 2200 without crashing.

My question to you is what would you do? Should I push for 1.075V, and possibly even 1.1V (is that even safe for 24/7?) to hopefully get higher memory at least or do I stop and call it a decent overclock? Any help appreciated, thanks. :hello:
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  1. Do you have the latest patch? Because they just released a patch that increases frame rates by about double.
    For 24/7 overclocking the general consensus is to stay below 1.1V as long as temperatures are OK. 1.075 shouldn't be a problem. Haven't heard about anyone having those cards crap out on them so far and I'm sure there have been a few running at 1.15V for awhile now.

    1025 core is already a pretty good overclock and boosting the memory clock isn't going to net you any significant frame rate increase so I'd say call it decent.
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