What is the best motherboard for intel i5?

Am buying the components to build a new PC. Sys will be built around Intel i5. Can someone please recommend a decent P55 motherboard? I am not sure which to order. Asus seems to come up frequently. I intend to use one graphics card only.


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  1. Please see the sticky at the top of the forum about asking for new build advise. Answer the questions in your post and we'll be better able to answer yours.
  2. I've got an MSI GD65, it's nice but the BIOS is confusing and I had to reinstall windows to get RAID working on two non OS disks. It's great if you want to overclock too.
  3. I recently purchased the GA-P55-UD4P. My previous build was an ASUS mobo, however after some tinkering down the line I cracked it. I heard from forums that Gigabyte boards were more durable and decided to give that a try. I can tell you it is true, Gigabyte is built up better. You might not need to get the UD4P if you dont think you will ever get two graphics cards, UD4 would work out ok.
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