Asus RAID 0 driver problem

Ok i've set up a RAID 0 array prior to installing Win 7 and ofcourse i have to load drivers before Win 7 is able to see the drive. Well the problem is that i loaded drivers onto a usb drive and win7 isn't recognizing any drivers on the usb... maybe i'm using the wrong drivers? i don't know i got them off of the asus website for the Crosshair V which is the motherboard i'm using... any help would be appreciated
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  1. scratch that, had to open asmakedisk file and then select driver, install it onto flash drive and then when i went into windows had to manually select it through "browse"... atleast that's what worked for me... maybe this will help someone else with a similar problem
  2. yup you got it.

    sometimes you can copy the contense of the driver (EXTRACTED, not zipped) to the USB and you dont have to use the makedisk program included in the driver.
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