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Stable ATI overclock crashes drivers?

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March 28, 2012 4:06:05 AM

Card : HIS 4850

I have never really bothered with Overclocking a GPU, not much point behind it till now. Im on a 4850 - I am part of #Overclockers on but everyone is in bed atm.

My question is thus, I am able to obtain a nice high overclock in the CCC control panel. This works fine, 0 artifacts, no real extra heat. Max i got it to was 65'C and it plays games lush. However after the system has been running on desktop - Not gaming, for around 2-3 hours the ATI drivers crash out and go to Blue screen. I am able to burn test it with Furmark for this length of time fine. 0 problems and 0 problems reported with the ATI inbuilt testing utilitiy which might i ad sucks abit considering opengl is now built in.

I doubt i need to alter my voltages at all on this and it is not possibile via my Bios right? i need to ether load MSI or reflash the cards bios? which then adds up to the Dangerzone! of overclocking. The driver is just crashing out, windows can sometimes recover from it.

Im on the latest stable 12.2 have not tryed 12.3 or 12.4 beta yet but that is my next step however i was wondering if anyone has experianced this before? It can game fine on BF3 absolutley lush however the driver will just crash out randomly. When loading the system aswell its a 50/50 chance that CCC will boot again without a manual start, it crashs after the boot. I know the overclock is not unstable as any small overclock will just crash out the GPU driver while its sitting on desktop. Usually while im watching my little pony, could be something todo with video accerlation.

Long post im sorry , any pointers or tips would be helpfull. I dislike the idea of using MSI , i don't do software overclocks unless they are built into the drivers themselves. I prefer the idea of a manual overclock even how risky it might sound. So questions

Should i try upping my voltage?
is it the ATI driver just being shoddy on the overclock?
Should i reflash my card if so what to and how to go about getting the new bios?
Is it a problem with the video? only noticable time its happened is when im watching my little pony

Sorry dumb questions but u gotta ask them sometime right. I would like to just reflash it to a later edition but i don't quite know how to tell what card's bios's are compatable with mine. Its a HIS 4850

As its end of the cards life i would like to obtain the last use out of it.

Any help on this would be greatfull atm im trying to read up what others have done but its a old card now and their posts are covered with dusts

Many thanks indeed

a b U Graphics card
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March 30, 2012 2:57:23 AM

Hey Spill,
I have the exact same card as you in my system as a crossfire card. When I previously used it in a single card config I would occasionally get blue screen issues and driver crashes when the clocks were too high/left on for too long. This only seemed to be fixed by lowering the clocks...What are your current clocks and voltages?