Question about a GTX 260 and my PSU

I'm considering buying an nvidia gtx 260, but I'm not sure my power supply can handle it. Ive got an apower ak series 850w supply, which shows two +12v boxes at 30a each. My understanding of combined amps is a little sketchy, so is 30a my cap for video cards (260 im looking at says a 500w with 36a) or is the combined rating actually higher than this?
Also, I recently tried a BFG 9800 GT OC+, which requires 26a, but it wouldn't work with my psu. I'm assuming there was something wrong with the card, as BFG tech support couldn't figure out why it wouldn't work, but I was curious if there was something I might've been unaware of to begin with there. I'd appreciate any help someone can offer.
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  1. I have a GTX 280 and it requires a minimum of 42.0Amps to run the card thats what printed on the Nvidia box. I have a Dell XPS 700 that comes with 1000-Watts PSU and on the 12.0V Rail it produces 18.0Amps. I had a similar question today to a BFG Tech Rep and he said each cable produces 18.0Amps so when I connected three 6-pin Graphic Card cables to my GTX 280 its getting 54.0Amps. I personally think you should be alright with a GTX 260 with two 6-pin cables 60Amps is just great it should work alright. Hopefully. Just make sure you connect both the 6-pin cables to the graphic card and if you are using a pin converter cable make sure it works because that what I ran into my card would work alright but then suddenly turn off and the BFG Tech Rep said after doing some tests that the 6-->8pin converter cable was messed up, but I guess GTX 260 takes two 6-pin cables. Some times these cables are messed up too.....
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    im running a gtx260-216 + 3.0ghz q6600 on a 450w corsair. no problems whatsoever.

    my PSU has 32amps on its single +12v rail, and considering yours has twice the amps and twice the rails you should be fine.

    you might try another card at first (borrow one if you can) to make sure that your PSU wasnt the culprit with your previous 9800gt. process of elimination.
  3. I actually tried another psu, which was 600w with a +12v 18a and +12v 20a and the card still didn't work. Eh, anyway, I just went ahead and bought a 4890 after doing some looking now, though. If it doesn't work once they ship it to me, I should be able to take it to a local best buy and be no worse for the wear. Thx for the help, guys.
  4. Those power recommendations are for the entire system. A GTX260 needs less than 12 amps, aGTX280 needs about 15 amps.
  5. >im running a gtx260-216 + 3.0ghz q6600 on a 450w corsair. no problems whatsoever. <

    Hmmm...sounds good because I plan to build a system
    w/these purchased parts.

    Gigabyte GA-MA785GM-US2H
    AMD Phenom II x4 95 w

    MSI N260GTX Twin Frozr OC GeForce GTX 260 Card

    Antec TruePower
    550 W ATX 12V V2.3

    17" IBM flat screen monitor

    ...and hope I don't have to buy a larger Power Supply.
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