5.25" Bay Fan Controller or Software?

Hey folks,

So I have been trying to find out the best way to go about semi-automatically controlling fan speed/noise compared to temps and haven't come across a good answer so I figured I'd seek the opinion here.

I have an Antec P280 - I5 2500k running about 4.3ghz with a Noctua D14, a total of 5 120mm case fans and the 2 fans from the D14. I haven’t had any luck getting speed fan to actually control the fan speed and not entirely sure I am attempting to use it properly anyway. I get mild success with the Asus FanXpert software that came with my Z68 Deluxe board but I don’t get a whole lot of individual control over the fans. So I started looking at controllers...looking for recommendations and there seems to be so many options... not sure what to look for.

Things I am trying to get out of a controller of some sort -

Temp based fan speed control that happens automatically with easy manual controls to override.


edit for spelling - doh.
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  1. I have this one:


    Currently out of stock but runs awesome. Can adjust each of 5 fans individually (by percentage) or put it in auto mode and let it monitor the 5 temp probes you get. And it's touch screen!! They also make 2x 5.25 bay versions, but I have an Antec 300 with 2 opticals so I only had 1 5.25 bay left.
  2. Oh, and I have a Gigabyte Z68 with an i3-2100. The 5 probes go:

    1. H50 radiator
    2 and 3. DIMM banks (0/1, 2/3)
    4 and 5. North and Southbridge.

    Very cool to see temps compared to what HWMonitor reports and how hot RAM is running, etc etc. The probes are fairly accurate, but being able to dial the fans down or up is such a plus!!
  3. ^+1 sentrey 2 ftw!
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