Pls help me decide!!

pls kindly take a look at my computer build..

processor: i7 920

mobo: asus rampage 2 gene

vcard: evga gtx 260

ram: OCZ Gold 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3 PC3-12800C8 (1600MHz) Tri-Channel - 7342

powersupply: ocz stealth x stream 600w

chassis:thermaltake element g

hdd: seagate 500 gb sata

cd player: any dvd-r

monitor: 19'' samsung widescreen

cpu temp monitoring: thermaltake hardcano 6 7 II temp monitoring

avr: any 1000w

can someone pls tell me if all these parts are compatible with each other, especially with my psu.. pls reply! thanks a lot
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  1. All is compatible, I would go with a different psu.

    This will cover you if you decide to go SLI:

    Take an addition 10% off with the promo code too... ;)
  2. lets say that i stick with the ocz 600w psu, i read on some reviews that ocz can only have 3 sata connections, will it be able to handle all the parts including the thermaltake monitoring temperature? thanks for all the suggestion :)

    i won't go sli unless someone would give me a gtx260 for xmas :) hehehehee
  3. As long as it has the correct power connectors for the video card without having to use adapters I would say yes...
  4. how will i know if it has the correct power connectors? are the adapters bought separately and pls give me the price info.. thanks a lot for the reply :)
  5. zakk, I would maybe rethink your GPU choice. The i7 CPU is a beast, and has room to handle a much more powerful graphics card. See today's featured article,2469 for more details on getting a balanced system.

    That being said, if you're planning on upgrading to 2xGTX 260s in SLI and a bigger monitor in the future, the i7 would probably be a great choice.

    As for power connectors, the GTX260 requires 2 6-pin power connections. It will usually list these requirements in the NewEgg specs, and you can see the connections on some of the pictures (they are on the opposite end of the board as the video outputs). The power supply should also list how many 6-pin PCI-e connections it has. If it doesn't have enough, you can get a 6-pin to Molex adapter for <$3 (Molex is the connection with 4 fat pins, used for fans, disk drives and all kinds of stuff). Some cards even come with these adapters, again check your NewEgg specs or a review of a specific brand's card.
  6. You can use adapters but its not recommended. If you already owned the psu then it would be a consideration but you are selecting a power supply and have a choice to get the right one so an adapter really should be out of the question.

    Make sure the psu you are looking at has the correct power connectors, if it doesn't then you need to consider one of our suggestions...
  7. PSUs normally come with an extension cable with additional SATA and molex connectors. Unless you are running a 3-4 drive RAID array with multiple optical drivers, you should have enough connectors.

    If you don't have enough power connectors, you can get something like this
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