Quietest possible VGA/CPU internal water cooling

I'm looking for a water cooling solution for this system :

- Intel Core i7 2600k 3.4G 8M R
- Gigabyte Z68A-GD65
- XFX Radeon 6970 2GB DDR5
- Cooler master haf 922
- Aerocool Touch-2000
- Kingwin Stryker 500w (fanless)

The XFX graphic card produces a lot of heat and the fan is VERY NOISY. That's the main reason why i want to switch to water cooling. So the most important thing is : silence, silence, silence !

- Budget : 300-400$ maximum
- Only need CPU and VGA cooling
- Priority on silence
- I don't want an huge system like the Reserator V2 so i want to build a water cooling system with as less fans as possible.

I've read parts of the sticky but i'm really a newbie so i will need help. To start i've read articles about the pumps in the sticky thread.. Good comparison of features, but it doesn't say anything about noise... I noticed some users are complainting that some brand of pumps are noisy, so i would prefer to buy a product known to be quiet...

CPU temp is already low in my case and i'm not overclocking. I'm getting around 50-55degrees while heavy gaming on stock CPU fan.

Also, this computer is on 24/7, even when i sleep, so i need something RELIABLE that will not stop cooling my system while i sleep.

In best scenario i would like a system with only 2 fans : one for water cooling and the other one would be the stock fan on my video card. Not sure if it is possible in my situation...
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  1. I totally gave up on the passive cooling / fanless idea

    After lot of searches and suggestions, here's what i'm about to buy:


    - XSPC RX240 Dual 120mm Rev 2
    - XSPC Dual 5.25" Bay Reservoir
    - Swiftech MCP655

    I would need help to pick a GPU block for my video card (XFX Radeon 6970 2GB DDR5)

    Also, will i have enough of a 8'x XSPC Tubing to setup water-cooling for my GPU and my CPU ? I think i'll need to buy another ?
  2. That looks to be a non-reference card, http://www.hardwareheaven.com/reviews/1084/pg1/xfx-radeon-6970-and-radeon-6950-graphics-card-review-introduction.html
    which means it will be difficult to find a full cover block for it, so your best option for W/c'ing that is a universal gpu block and heatinks for the Vram.
    the rest of your line-up looks fine although I'd consider a larger rad/more if you intend on overclocking weither chip, I'd be happier to see you with a 360, or a 240 and an additional 120,
    it depends on your case to be honest as to what will fit (can be made to fit :P)
    and is that 8 feet of tubing? I always say if you need 8 feet, buy 10, it allows you room for error/bad cuts
    glad to see you have already read some of the sticky though :)
    **Edit, I run that dualbay res/pump myself, and it is silent, but it is 100% full, and that helps, too much air in the res allows reverberation (noise) and the possibility of bubbles entering the loop so fill that sucker up
  3. I wanted to buy the radiator with 3 fans, but i don't think it would fit inside my Cooler Master HAF 912 case :( Anyway, i am not planning to overclock right now..

    As for the reference card, i don't know if it is one or not, and i'm not sure what you mean about the universal GPU block and the Vram thing.... Does that means that i won't be able to remove the fan on my video card and replace it with water cooling ?
    The main reason why i want W/C is to remove my GPU fan, it's really loud and annoying...

    As for the tubes, i really don't know how long i need... this is my first W/C system
  4. Re: reference Pcb, when AMD/nvida introduce a card they present it as a reference card, then different manufacturers release their version of the card, Xfx, Sapphire, Powercolour etc

    and sometimes they change the layout of the circuit board, maybe move the ram somewhere, add or remove things,
    these are then non-reference cards and it makes it difficult to get fullcover blocks that fit and function properly for them (although there are some crossover blocks that fit a few cards, they are rare)
    the universal blocks on the other hand will fit any graphics card, reference or not, but you need to make sure that the Vram and mosfets are cooled as you are removing the standard issue cooler, you do thing by buying heatsinks that stick onto those chips
    if you are at all hesitant about it, read up, as much as you can,
    a lot of us use universal blocks because you can upgrade your graphics cards in the future and carry them over to that build, whereas F/c blocks, if you change cards, you then need to buy new blocks for your new cards, and hopefully sell the old ones on
    looking at the pcb of your card, its very similar to my Asus 6950 2Gb in layout, unless anyone else knows of a fullcover non-reference block that will fit, you'll need to go the Uni route
  5. This is not the same model. I'm using cooler master HAF-912 and he's using HAF-X, the top panel is very different..

    Awww damn i wish i knew this thing about reference cards before i bought it :( it's almost brand new :(

    I don't even know where is my vram and mosfets on my card, but i could open it and take pictures, then post it here...

    So, what kind of universal block should I buy ? And what happens if the vram isn't covered ? :/
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiCVyUunsD4

    doesn't looks too hard to install... That's the same video card as mine
  7. I just checked on my video card box... here's some info, if this can help:
    Model HD-697A-CN
    Part: HD-697A-CNFC
    It also says "version 1.2"

    Another video with 1 ref card and 1 non-ref:
  8. Looks like you have found a F/c block then :)
    I realised the mixup on the case, thats why I removed the link, you should fit a 360 in the 912 though, same method, one part goes into the drive cage area,
    often watercooling involves modding though, as my sig reflects :)
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