Looking at a new fan for my old AMD64 3500+, will this one work?

Hey i was thinking of getting this fan for my older computer


Ive got an Athlon 64 3500+ 2.4ghz CPU and it is socket 754.
My question is how will I plug up the fan for the heat sink i mentioned because my motherboard only has a 3 pin CPU fan plug.

Was wondering what to do; my old fan is going out and i was going to buy the new cooler because i could use it if i ever build a new comp since it fits in AM3 and 775 slots as well.

Thanks for the help.
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  1. Good value. I believe it will work, but the 4th pin is for rpm monitoring, so you may not be able to tell your fan speed.
  2. that cooler was too much an overkill 4 your cpu, you should pick one that is old and cheap for your cpu. and you need to do your research about the fan connector since most cpu fans are using 4pin connectors.
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