Budget (<$60USD) dual head card for non-gamer

I feel silly asking this but it seems like the community is generally supportive of these type questions. I haven't shopped for this kind of stuff in years and really have no idea what most of the specs/ratings mean (However I've come to learn that PCIe 2.0 cards should work in my PCIe 1.1 slot...).

I plan to upgrade my Dell Dimension 8400 desktop to WIn7 early next month. At the same time I'd like to move to a dual-monitor setup. My current video card only supports one DVI and one VGA output. I'd prefer both be digital - the monitors I'll be using have HDMI inputs only so I'll need an DVI-HDMI adapter.

The computer is used primarily for 1) Internet/E-Mail; 2) photo editing 3) Remote Desktop (to work laptop). In a dual monitor setup it is conceivable we'll use one monitor for playing movies while working on the other.

My needs are not extreme in any sense. The primary driver for upgrading is support for dual digital outputs. Any recommendations for something that fits the bill for under $60 USD?
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  1. hunter315 said:

    Thanks for the input. One of the reviews for that mentioned that the fan is noisy, which is something that I'd like to avoid. not sure if that's a real issue - hard to tell with limited reviews on NewEgg.

    I also came across this card at newegg: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127458

    How would you rate this compared to the other you posted?
  2. If you are not gaming, and want a silent card, then the one you listed (4550) will suit your needs.
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