Gtx 680 with x4 965

i want to buy a new grafic card and a new processor
my budget is 600$
my current specifications are:
mobo: msi 785gm p45 AM3
cpu:amd x2555 BE ( i can't unlock the extra cores)
gpu:nVIDIA gt430 2gb
psu:corsair 600w
and a 22inch LCD
....and i was thinking of buying a gtx680 at 480$ and an amd x4 965 BE or a x6 1090t
and be done..
or an i5 2500k 210$,and a new z68 mobo around $170-$200
and an amd hd6870 200$
what is the best choice for me friends please suggest...and if u want my opinion....i want to buy a gtx680 with amd x4 965 BE cuz i think it'll be greeat for me since the games are more gpu intensive than cpu...i'll be playing bf3,nfs the run,metro 2033,bfbc2, and i want 60+ frames in all these games...mainly in bf3 and i know i can get this with this monster gpu...GTX680
and also if have any other suggestions please suggest...
and sorry for bothering but is the gtx 680 kepler will be bottlenecked by an amd x4 965 cuz if it does i'll buy an amd x6 1090t cuz its just $170 an idon't know the real price of it$130
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  1. get the 2500k friend, I dont know why its even debatable any more...unless you don't have a job. The performance is just so awesome for the extra $40 or whatever over the x4.

    Love the 680, but I'm waiting for the 28nm's released next fall. all games run at max with a 560ti 448 core. Dont spend that $550 on a gpu just so you can get 100fps in bf3 lol.
  2. If I were you. I would drop in the highest clocked Phenom X4 you can get your hands on for a decent price and overclock it a bit. The stock cooler, from what I remember, is pretty decent. Not sure where you live, but if you are in the US you can get a Phenom X4 975 BE for $140 on Newegg. That would pretty much max out the capabilities of your current motherboard. Anything else would require a new board and CPU. The x4 still does pretty well for their cost and have some OC headroom.

    Here is a link that gives a general idea for that tier of CPU and some performance in games. Keep in mind they are using an AMD 7970 for these test.,3120.html

    As far as the GTX680 and a CPU bottleneck, I don't think that will be the case as each game is different. BF3 does very well with most any decent dual core or higher CPU. It is very GPU dependent. So as long as you plug it in a full x16 PCI-E 2.0 slot you should be ok. In regard to other games the x4 may hold you back a little, but that is a performance factor per game. I am able to run BF3 at 1080 res on Ultra with ALL settings turned up to their highers and Vsync on. I hit 60fps consistently. My 580 allowed Ultra detail with the rest on High and AA deffered Off.

    All and all I think going with a CPU replacement for your current mobo and a GTX 680 is the best direction. A 6870 with a faster CPU won't give you the gaming performance you are looking for. However, I would plan for a CPU and mobo replacement maybe a year from now.

    Mike Rowe has spoken.
  3. Better make sure your mobo supports a new X4 before you buy it.
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