When should I consider using a RAID controller?

I have been thinking about setting up RAID 10 in my next build. I have always used RAIO 0 but redundancy is becoming more important. I have heard two things though that I would like someone to elaborate on. First is that using RAID does not increase the performance of video games. Is this true?

Secondly, I also read that for the PC to take advantage of RAID, you really need to have a separate RAID controller even if the M/B comes with one. I thought this was kind of crazy because why then would motherboard companies even offer a RAID controller if it made no difference in performance unless you use a separate one. So is this true or are there conditions where it's true?

Tonight I bought the ASRock Z68 board and will be running my existing i7-2600. I have a 200GB SSD and two 1TB SATA drives. For the RAID 10, I would just need to buy two more SATA. This is of course kind of contingent on what you guys have to say about the use of a controller and when is it important. Thanks.
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