Noctua NH-D14 or CoolerMaster Hyper 212

I am looking to cool my system better. Here is my build:

AMD 8150
ASRock 990FX Extreme4 Board
8GB GSkill DDR3 1866
Radeon 6850
Apevia Full ATX case

I am currently running temps from 100 F(37C) to 133F (57C) and want to keep my system a bit cooler. Which fan should I go with? Will the Noctua Fit? Thanks in Adance
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  1. Noctua and hyper212 are both about the same height(160mm), and will fit most cases.
    Where you might have an issue is if you have ram with tall heat spreaders, in which case the noctua may well be a problem.

    Noctua NH-D14 is about as good a cooler as you can buy, and it is priced accordingly.
    I think the hyper 212 is a good value cooler, and should serve you well, particularly compared to any stock cooler.

    You did not identify exactly which apevia case you are using. Case cooling may be more of an issue.
    Take the side panel off, and direct a house fan at the innards. If your temperatures drop significantly, you have a case cooling issue.
    Faster/better fans might help, or even spending the $40-$90 budget for the cooler might be better spent on a good cooling case.
  2. Get a hyper 212 evo.

    Cheap and defo a good cooler.

    The cooler will line up with your case exhaust fan and help remove heat.
  3. Noctua is overpriced. 212 EVO is the sweet spot right now on coolers.

    D14 can be found at 39c delta, the 212 evo is at 36. Not sure what the extra $50 gets you but more broke than before. In thier 212 + article, its 44C, the EVO improved cooling quite a bit.

    The C14 is oriented different and helps cool the motherboard around the socket itself, why you see it performing better than the D14.
  4. The above chart is shocking. The 212 is actually better than the D14 by 3C degree. But it's only $29.99 vs $89.99 on newegg. Shame on you D14.
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