What motherboard is comparable to a compaq sr1517cl?

I am trying to replace a motherboard, and was wondering if it's best to just replace the motherboard and maybe RAM or just build a new computer?
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  1. What is your processor and what kind of ram are you using?
    Usually, those motherboards are proprietary to Compaq and you will have to go
    back to Compaq to get a replacement. Things that are proprietary might be the fan headers, I/O back plane, power supply, the holes that screw the motherboard down to the case, and heat sink attachment. So, if you replace the motherboard, you might have to replace a lot stuff too.

    I just checked and that motherboard is a socket 754 motherboard and uses DDR ram.
    It's really hard to find a motherboard for that CPU nowadays and DDR ram is too expensive.

    You'll save your self time and money by just getting a new computer.
  2. I was going along the lines of onboard stuff, like power and LEDs, and frontside USB, Audio, card readers, and firewire. I can get new newer ram and processor if need be... thanks :)
  3. Well, in that case then, there are plenty of boards that will fit, depending on what Compaq has done to the case, because standard mATX and ATX boards might not fight in that case. You would need to take measurements of the the case to see because I'm not sure if today's standard size boards will fit. Most of the store bought PCs use proprietary components and that case might be one of them. I remember a time when a standard PSU didn't fit in a Dell Optiplex because their PSU had a bigger housing.

    If your computer is that old already, you might have to upgrade your power supply too because some of the power connections have changed.

    Any computer older than 5 years is really not worth fixing up anymore. By the time you finish buying parts to upgrade it, the price already adds up to a new computer.

    Here's what you're looking at right if you switch motherboard.
    1. New MB
    2. New CPU
    3. New RAM
    4. Maybe new GPU
    5. New PSU

    You're only a couple items away from a new computer.
    New case and New Hard Drive is all you have left to upgrade and those are
    the easiest to do.
  4. Yea, the power supply is find, it's the reason I need to change the mobo
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