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i have a problem with my pendrive. It is suddently write protected. i cannot save,remove,delete or doing anything. what is the write protected? is it a virus? how can i remove the write protected and can my pendrive be use again.
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  1. Hi marezz, look for the slider on the card to turn off write protect.

    If it isn't there, follow the area51reopened guide to do it in PC : )
  2. hi nikorr, thanks for the advise. I already do that way but unfortunately it is still cannot be format. the 'this file cannot be format because it is write potected' came out after i write L:\>format L: . is it others way or i should buy a new tumb drive. :P
  3. OK, what is the model name?
  4. Are u sure there is no switch on the card? Post model info...
  5. model : kingstone
    capacity : 8G
  6. kingstone DT 101 II USB device
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