MSI afterburner Vs AMD overdrive?

As the topic says, which is better? which is more reliable?

I have been using afterburner, and LOVE the fan control utility, and cherish it just for that. But is AMD overdrive any better? Mind you, I have zero experience with it, and that is why I'm asking. Instead of going off the map on my system and trying it, I'd rather ask first.

Of course, I will ask first, then do a search...

What set this off?,3160-5.html

They don't go in depth about what exactly is wrong with afterburner.
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  1. I like the MSI interface better. I really think it will be personal preference by you. Load both, play with one on day 1, then the other on day 2, see which suits you better! :)
  2. Afterburner gives you more options, but you'll need to enable "unofficial" overclocking support by manually modifying a config file. You'll need to search for exactly what to do, you have to type in some text exactly that says you understand the risks, blah blah blah. This is probably what the page you linked to was talking about.
  3. I know this question is old, but for people like me who recently found it, I'll say this. With my amd card, just having afterburner installed on my pc, slowed down the graphics card. I found NO positives using it. The AMD catalyst control center application, which houses AMD Overdrive, had no such negative impact. However I found that NEITHER programs had a positive effect on my 1gb hd6450 cards, no matter how I overclocked them. The card worked best in it's normal state.
  4. MSI Afterburner because you can also use the overlay to look at CPU/GPU temperature and plenty of other things.
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