HDMI Audio via 4870 on M3A78-T

Alrighty, I seem to have a different problem than anyone else it seems. I am trying to get sound from my 4870 via HDMI. I install CCC and driver version 9.10, and have installed the HDMI audio driver. Now the fun part. I am on a Asus M3A78-T that has a built in HDMI port. The built in port on the mobo is not an option as that would reduce me to onboard graphics. Anyways, the HDMI audio driver installs, and only shows that port as an option.

In audio devices (Windows 7 btw), I see "Realtek HDMI Output" as not plugged in, even when plugged in to the video card. And I can't find any way to get the HDMI audio driver to point to the video card instead of the onboard HDMI port. Any ideas? I hope I can find a solution, because this 2 channel LPCM is killing me!
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  1. turn the onboard video card off in your bios, that way the only hdmi port will be on your 4870 and windows shouldn't be confused about where to send the audio.
  2. Good idea that I hadn't thought of, will give it a shot! :)
  3. Well that did not work. I even disabled the onboard sound. So no onboard sound or video, and the only sound device I can see listed now is the ATI-HDMI Audio output, not plugged in. :fou:
  4. Well, seems that HDMI audio is not possible on a 4870. ATI lied about it. CCC will not recognize the audio device as plugged in when a DVI to HDMI adapter is used. CCC will instead list the screen as a "DVI panel". Thus, the audio devices listed in Windows will always show the HDMI audio as not plugged in. So the only way to get audio from a video card is through native HDMI, which 95% of all 4870's do NOT have. They only have two DVI ports. There is no way to set the audio device, there is no way to change it, there is nothing the user can do. So, looks like I am screwed again.
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