Audigy zs stopped working after updating windows 7 driver

I updated the windows 7driver for my creative audigy 2 zs sound card. Now it is disabled and windows can't reenable it. The device settings show everything is working fine but there is no sound. I tried uninstalling it and trying the newer beta driver, still nothing. What else can be wrong?
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  1. Dumb question but you never know: have you checked if you've muted the audio, used other sound output devices with the card, or made sure the onboard audio of your mobo has been deactivated?
  2. Not dumb. Yes I checked that , muted, unmuted, no difference. I right clicked on the speaker icon in tne lower right task bar, ran the sound problem diagnostic and windows couldn't solve the problem(surprise! surprise!)Still no sound.
  3. Solution at last. Talked to a tech support at Microsoft. He told me just to run the upgrade again, which I did. Windows reinstalled from within Windows using the cd. I didn't lose any programs or even have to reinstall them afterwards. Everything went back to normal with sound.
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