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Figured this would go to the power supply category but if it's wrong, sorry about that.

Anyway, I've bought one of these Back Up UPS since my town is prone to some power problem that destroyed my last computer. Anyway, I'm planning on upgrading my power supply to an 850w, but this UPS's output is 450w. Is this a problem, or are the two unrelated?

Quick edit: one more thing, would I have been fine with one of those regular surge protector bars for like 10 bucks, as opposed to huge thing that cost me about $150 (a computer tech guy recommended it to me).
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  1. It's related. And you mean your UPS's output is 450va. The UPS will protect your computer from electronic shocks, but if it's power output is too weak compared to your PC's PSU, your PC may just turn off in a brownout. More info on Watts and volt-amperes here:
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