Overclocking a 6850

hey guys, i was wondering if anyone could answer this question.

what would be a slight overclock that would affect the performance noticeably.

my core clock right now 775mhz

my memory clock is 1000

and my voltage is 1150

i have not overclocked it yet but i really want to
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  1. For Overclocking your GPU you start to bump up Core, Memory, clocks by low value, say (50 MHz) then you test your OC stability (play games and make load on GPU)
    if no problems happen (crashes,freezes, BSODs) then you're fine and you can bump those a little bit higher.
    Repeat it many times until you reach the limits of your OC (until you crash or you get BSOD)

    Note 1: Check temperatures after each OC you do.
    Note 2: Don't mess up with voltages as long as you're stable. IF you're unstable bump up voltages a little bit high but i recommend you to ask first.
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